Our Recipe for Success

Our Proven Recipe for Success:

We have a recipe for success and consistent results. Over the past 17 years, we’ve had our share of ups and downs, different employees, different customers, and different economies. We’ve discovered that in order to consistently deliver great results to our customers we had to develop a recipe for success. This recipe is our secret sauce and is the secret to making sure that we accomplish specific benchmarks and goals for your organization, all while maintaining high levels of service and satisfaction.

Here is a peek into the 4-Phase process that we use to guarantee results:

  1. Stabilize your Network
    • Extensive Network Inspection
    • Immediately address critical Services List
    • Address customer immediate issues
    • Benchmark Key Performance Indicators
    • Implement Monthly Performance Meetings/Reviews with Customer
  2. Bulletproof your Network
    • Configure network to Best Practices List
    • Build in Redundancy and Resiliency List
    • Benchmark Key Performance Indicators
  3. Impact your Business
    • Review current processes against Best Practices List
    • End-User Questionnaire to discover pain points and inefficiencies
    • Ticket history evaluation to identify trends and patterns
    • Alignment of IT with Business Goals and IT SWOT analysis
  4. Ongoing Items
    • Roadmap and planning meetings
    • IT Asset inventory and Review
    • Ongoing Reports
    • Annual Security Audit